Thursday, January 26, 2012

How GladiolaSmiles came to be

With a name like Gladys, names like Grace, Gladiola, etc., are often used.  Gladys is not a common name, but it is an old one.  I have often wished I had been given a different name, but could never cause my mom distress by changing it.  When I was trying to come up with a catchy name for my Etsy store, so many names that came to mind were already taken.  I thought of "SewMuchBetter", or "SewMuchMore."  But these names seemed to limit me to sewing, and anyway, they were already spoken for. 

How to give my title a personal note and be catchy at the same time?  Our minds are wonderful things, and so I let the idea rest between my ears for the time being, and finally Gladiola came to mind.  I have always been accused of smiling all the time, and I will admit, being positive and happy has always been one of my attributes!  After thinking of the name, writing it down and seeing it in print, and then putting it in the search engine to make sure it wasn't being used anywhere else, I was happy to take it as my own.  Hopefully, it will bring to mind lots of happy thoughts and smiles to others as you join me on this journey on the blogger and the Etsy store.  Right now I am making tote bags out of feed sacks, but quilts are in the planning stages, along with painting projects and lots of gardening and canning.  I love growing some of our own food as well as enjoying the beauty of flowers and birds all over the property.

Join me in future posts as I chronicle my adventures in GladiolaSmiles.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before I get into the real reason for this blog, I thought it might be a good idea to show the clan.  This was taken in July at our Smith Family Reunion held once every two-three years.  This is only a fraction of the family, there were so many who couldn't attend.  But the ones who did had such a good time and the weather was great.  And the reunion this time was held in honor of our oldest sister, Mary, 5th from the right in the middle row.  She turned 83 this past summer!  She had a great time and was so pleased to be able to attend, to visit, see the horses and even took a ride on the ATV with her son.

Family is very important to me and we always enjoy each other's company, with laughs, stories of the past and sharing of dreams and plans for the future.  The next reunion will be held in a couple years, probably in S. California and the hosts will be nieces and nephews.  Hopefully there will be more in attendance and the family memories will continue to be made.  Until next time, keep smiling.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I made it!

Hello!  I did it, finally!  I have been watching my daughter and son-in-law making such beautiful things together and then posting them on their blog spot and it has inspired me to get in there and do things myself.  Wow, just a few months ago I would never have guessed it!  Right now, this is bare bones, but I will be working at learning as I go along.  The purpose of this little blog is to share my adventurous nature with others and maybe get a little smile from you once in awhile. 

My life has been one of surviving in a normal world, 9th child in a family of 10 kids, growing up in the country on a small farm, with all kinds of animals, birds and bees and never a dull moment!  I have seen technology grow and grow.  As a child, we lived in a house without an indoor bathroom!  We took a bath once a week in the old galvanized tub, littlest kid first.  You know the old saying:  don't throw the baby out with the wash water!?  My mom was a saint and taught me how to embroider, knit and crochet, wash clothes in the old ringer washer, and how to butcher a chicken from start to finish!  You know the saying:   running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!?

I remember as a kid I would spend hours planning some project...planning, planning, planning.  I would never actually get started on doing the project!  Ever been there?  I think it might be called "fear of failure!"  Well, I think I have finally been able to get past the planning stage in my life.  I am the mother of four wonderful, inspiring, grown kids who make me so proud!  I have been able to finish several very large bed quilts and several wall hangings, have done oil and watercolor paintings.  I learned to can from my mother as well as garden, (my garden has never quite come up to the standard of hers, but she is a saint and I don't think I will ever come up to her standard in anything...she had 10 kids!) make clothing and in general, work hard.  In fact, I get as much pleasure from the process as from the outcome!  Oh, I do get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a finished project, but working on it has to be fun, too!

Come along with me on this new adventure and I will try to join you in yours, too.  Smile a little, it is good for you!
Cheers, Gladys