Thursday, February 16, 2012


Some of my flock including the cock of the walk!  Isn't he a beauty!  He is a buff orphington rooster about three years old that I bought from local feed store as a day old chick.
These are year old hens, except for the other buff orphington there eating hen scratch with the Rhode Island Red hens.  She is old! about 6 years old.  She still lays a few eggs in the springtime!

Here are the Bourbon Red turkeys that live with the chickens.  All the neighbors get a kick out of watching the tom strutting and gobbling whenever someone comes within his eyesight!  The hen lays lots of eggs starting in spring and going all summer!  She will lay a dozen or so, then go broody and tries to set.  It takes several days of keeping her from the nest to get her out of the broody mood, then she starts laying again.

Here is the nest with a couple eggs freshly laid.  We love fresh eggs and when the hens can wander around the yard and eat greens and bugs, the eggs are really full of nutrients.  You can tell when they have been eating lots of greens when the yolks turn a really rich orange color.  I love my flock and always enjoy spending time keeping their feed container filled and the water fresh.

Now, here are some of the tote bags I have made from the chicken feed sacks that I have collected.

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